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Engineers, Assessors, Insurers, Claims & Repairs

What is VAS?

VAS is a cloud-based desktop and mobile platform that works on any device running Windows, Mac, Linux, Android or iOS.

VAS makes it easier for engineers, admins and repairers to work together by significantly reducing the amount of admin work through smart features and automation.

The benefits for you are more time, lower costs, and faster turn around.

VAS is the result of over 10 years of cooperation between industry experts and talented software engineers bringing best-in-class solutions for the vehicle inspections, repairs and claims management.

How does VAS work?

1) Report Templates

We import your existing Word templates. All documents you need to produce can all be imported and automated allowing you and your team to populate the data and generate with just a click of a button.

2) Data & Forms

We design forms for your data entry using a collection of special fields designed with automotive in mind. Every detail is customisable including label, position, sequence, types, defaults, and calculations etc

3) Manage jobs

We set up calculations, imports, automation, access rules, and everything else required to minimise the time you and your admins need to spend keying information.

4) Instruct & Inspect

VAS system is ready for you and your team to receive instructions, perform inspections, generate reports, send the bill and move on to the next job smoothly and efficiently.

VAS Covers All Key Functions

VAS is a comprehensive tool that covers all aspects of the modern automotive business.

VAS includes features that have been designed to accelerate and automate the key areas of your business.

Data Entry


Image & File Management


Report Generation

250+ Integrations

Loved by the community

I used Word for my reports, now I have a system that works exactly the way I need it.
Carlisle C Bruce
VAS has saved me countless hours of manually writing reports and reduced my admin greatly
Tony Dunphy
VAS has given me more time on inspections because the reporting process is so easy.
Daniel Buller

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