In the automotive industry, efficient and accurate report writing is crucial. Whether you’re a vehicle engineer, assessor, adjustor, repairer, or claims manager, the ability to produce detailed, professional documents and reports swiftly, can significantly impact your workflow and customer satisfaction. The VAS platform is designed to address and overcome the common challenges, streamlining the entire process from data entry to document generation and everything in between.

Fast & Professional Reports

Any documents, letters or reports that you need in your business can be generated by VAS using our simple Word based templating system.

This allows you to easily transition from your existing manual process to a new and faster automated one without big investment in set up. 

In fact, we’ll do all of this for you as part of your onboarding.

Example of Word Report Template

Example of Generated Report

Customisable Forms

Once we know what kind of documents we need to make we use the VAS Form Manager to set up all the forms you need.

The possibilities here are vast, everything from field types, validation, views, and access controls.

But don’t worry if that sounds complex – we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you as part of your setup process.

Streamline your Admin

So now we’ve got the report layouts and the forms set up, our goal is to make sure that we can reduce the amount of time you actually need to spend entering data to an absolute minimum.

So much of the job is really just copying and pasting things from one place to another. We want to get rid of as much of that as possible for you.

In the following sections, we’ll take you through a number of the features that solve the real-time wasters for people working in the automotive sector – everyone from engineers, assessors, adjustors, repairers and claims managers, are facing a similar data entry battle!

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Reusable Comments

VAS simplifies the entry of long bodies of text with a feature designed to reduce repetitive data entry and eliminate errors with reusable comments.

This feature allows you and your team to build a database of reusable text snippets which are always just a click away.

Variables Everywhere

No need to copy and paste data to other locations. Any field can reuse data from any other field. Once the data is in the system, you can place it anywhere else you need – even into other fields.

Easy to work with images

Working with images and files is fast and easy.

Upload as many images as you need with simple drag and drop. Then move, rotate and comment images.

Report mode gives you a preview of your report allowing you make the final adjustments to everything clear and easy to read.

Vehicle Data Lookup

With the vehicle lookup functionality, users can enter a registration number to retrieve comprehensive vehicle details, including make, model, color, VIN, transmission, engine displacement, and year of registration.

We also provide Additional Enhanced Vehicle Data

Vehicle Valuation ReportAccess Current Market Vehicle Valuation reports to assist in agreeing a PAV by providing a full transparent audit trail of how each valuation has been determined and calculated.
Residual Valuation ReportProduces a future fair market valuation, as well as a future trade valuation.
Mileage CheckAccess over 300 million readings on UK & Irish registrations
Standard Vehicle Features / Specification LookupAccess specific vehicle Standard Specification Data by simply entering in a vehicles registration number. This data includes highlighting autonomous vehicle features.
Historical Valuation ReportValue any vehicle by ‘quarter’, back as far as 2010 and retrieve an accurate historical valuation accompanied with a full transparent audit trail of how each valuation has been determined and calculated. Access the same data used by insurance companies to calculate Pre-Accident Valuation (PAV).
History & Finance ChecksDetailed vehicle history background checks with a full audit trail for all data disclosed. Also finance checks with full details provided on active agreements.
Vehicle Salvage Auction (Categories A, B, C, D, X)B2B Salvage disposal system – ask for details

Splat Field

The splat fields provides you with the ability to mark up damage on a simple diagram. This can be useful in the context of damage inspection, or vehicle onboarding pre-repair, or checking courtesy hires.

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